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Coming to ownership of a 2008 L.L. Bean Edition, I, of course, have been on a repair, refurbishment frenzy as I want to enjoy one of the last of my favorite Gens for a while.

I've been getting weird cruise control issues (works at speeds 60 mph or less, surges frome time to time) but otherwise no CEL or other codes from OBDII. Searching forums suggest front hub assembly, speed sensor. On a lark I tried the procedure detailed here and got three C codes: C0029, C0045, and C0047. Oh boy. Well there's your problem.

Or so I thought.

I asked dealer about it. They told me they couldn't replicate.
  1. Is it possible for car to report codes Subaru service can't read?
  2. Could the codes be no longer valid?

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C codes are typically communication codes advising of a loss of communication at some point in time.

DTC’s have three categories, active, pending and historical and once the codes are cleared they will not be seen when checking again UNLESS the code has again been triggered by an error condition.

Check all of your earth/ground connections AND battery connections as these are typical causes of C codes.

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