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I thought it was fairly simple the last time.

Since you want to be that way, I will dummy it down for you. What are you, 5?

Its simple, the part that tells the computer how much air is coming into the engine is telling the computer a lie. Or, the computer is not listening proper to the part and is only hearing part of what is being said. Because these two parts are not properly listening to each other, and making things up as they go along, it is making the car run poo-poo and is breaking it.

Your Catalytic Converter is useless for anything other than creating back pressure.

You MAP sensor is not working proper or your ECM is bad.

If you don't like these answers, what do you want to hear?

Get mad at the ******* that sold you the car, not the one that's trying to help you to not spend needless effort and lots of cash. Or, be mad at yourself for not having the car checked out before you bought it.

I gave you reference to other sites to read so you would understand how the system works. Apparently I wasted my time and you didn't learn anything.

When you want to find what's causing all these problems, let me know. Otherwise, sell it for junk. An arrogant individual would pawn this off again.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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