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Hey guys,

I have a 2005 Outback XT that I tricked out with Stage3 everything. Its been so good to me and I love this car. I upgraded the Sound System with Tube Amplifiers, 2nd Battery, 4x more amps, computers, etc... and a big 2000W INverter with outlets all over the car.

For handling, I changed both sway Bars and Endlinks, KYB shocks at 65k, Rallitek Overload Springs in the back....

Now im at 110,000 on the car and its still doing great with all the performance stuff... but the shocks are going "Eeekkkkk Eeeekkkkk" over any speed bump, etc.

I live in NYC, so its like one giant speed bump every day. Pot Holes destroy your LCAs and suspension and etc.

So I need new suspension.. and I can just do the 00-04 KYBs again but Im thinking to do the $1000 Bilstein Kit here
Bilstein Subaru Legacy GT Suspension Conversion Kit

Can you guys give some advice? I really want a much better suspension feel on the car. But I also want to keep the ride height and not lower too much

What do you guys think? Considering the Stage3 performance stuff Ive already and the Stage 'Crazy' Audio stuff ive done = Added 500lbs to car

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