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2016 Outback 2.5 Touring
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I recently started having a problem “navigating” through my music with my iPhone connected via Bluetooth to the head unit.

2016 Outback, base infotainment with 6.2 “ screen (Clarion?), iPhone 7 with IOS 11.4 although had same issue with 11.3

When starting up the car, the HU connects to Bluetooth just fine. It starts playing what seems like some random track (always did that, not a problem). The screen displays what I call the “Now Playing” screen with track name, album. artist….

I used to be able to press “List” either on the bottom right corner of the screen or on the steering wheel button and it would bring up a track list and I could navigate up higher, pick either album, artist or song and select what I want to play.

Now, I just get “No Audio File Found”. Can’t do anything on HU other than listen to current track. To navigate to any other music, I must use the iPhone.

Any ideas?
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