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Can't set the timing mark up right

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I went to install the start installing a new timing belt and water pump, when I went to set up the cam sprockts after i had set up the crankshaft i couldn't set up the marks for thecam sprockets . It was hitting something in the way. Can anyone help me with this problem.:surprise:
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Are you suggesting that when you attempt to turn the cam sproket, it hits some resistance INSIDE the engine so you cannot turn it any further?

It is a GOOD thing that you did not try to force it :)

I suspect a valve is hitting the top of a piston. Perhaps you can try to turn the crank a little to move the pistons... then re-try adjusting the cam-sproket to the proper position. (then re-set the crank to proper place.)

At all times DO NOT force anything.

(I believe a better way to do this task is to LOCK IN PLACE all the sprockets before removing the tensionor and belt..... then everything remains in the proper timing)

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are you using the arrow, triangle on the front of the crank sprocket for timing?

that's TDC cyl#1 - you want mid-travel on all pistons - the belt install mark is a dash/groove on a metal tab at the rear of the crank sprocket.
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