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'17 Outback 2.5i Premium
19,499 mi
Issue is that the car would start, run for 3 seconds, then die. Fix action was Subaru replaced my battery under warranty.
I live in Colorado Springs, CO

A little more detail:

The car had been driven at HWY speeds for more then 30minutes. After which I parked to run an errand for 5 minutes.
After starting the car back up it died after approx. 3 seconds of idling. It then failed to restart 2 more times.
At this point Subaru towed me to Heuberger Subaru and was given a loaner.
The problem was that the battery was physically leaking and they replaced it under warranty.

First day back with the car, and now my passenger window does not work.

Other issues:
I've also had my serpentine belt replaced under warranty. TSB for it being too long from the factory. Caused a chirping sound with the AC turned on.
It also makes a metal on metal sound during the first few seconds of a cold start. It doesn't do it every time.
The transmission also makes a metal on metal sound when shifting from park into drive and vice versa. It doesn't do it every time.
Paint seems very thin and easily scratched compared to previous cars I've owned.

Just reporting my ownership experience. Heuberger has good customer service, but I'm entering the buyers remorse stage. I've also read through other posts about battery issues, but in most cases the car won't start. My would start and then die. Anyone had this experience?

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Window switch has a memory in it. Battery issues probably messed the switch memory. Its a simple reset process but I can’t remember it.

Buyers remorse over a bad battery? Wow your stress level must be high all the time.
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