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Car wants to wander at highway speed?!?

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Hey guys/gals,
Im new to the Subaru world, recently purchased a 2001 Subaru outback wagon limited. So far the car has been great to me, no complaints, except for when im driving down the highway at approx 120kmh (75 mph) the car starts to wander in my lane. Im not sure what the issue is, i have a feeling its something with my suspension, possibly a sway/stabilizer bar, but not sure where to start looking, any help is appreciated
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Check your tire pressures. A low tire will cause drift or pull. Whenever the temperature drops outside, tire pressure is the first thing to check as air pressure drops with temperature.

If the tires are okay, have the alignment checked at a reputable shop. They should check for any loose suspension or steering at that time. And make sure, if its done, that they do a four wheel alignment and all wheels have the toe set at 0.0.
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