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Cargo LED replacement

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960 Lumen 12000k LED assembly for $6.30:

24-5630 SMD LED White Light Car Indoor Lamp (T10 / SV85 / BA9S 12W 12000K 960-Lumen DC 12V) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme

FIts inside the light fixture just fine, puts out a lot of bright white light. The bulb adapter showed up broken and I had to re-solder it, but the assembly itself is well made. Overall I'm pretty happy with it. I tried to take comparison photos, but cameras mostly do light-leveling so it's hard to really tell. It's brighter, I know that much!


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I just replaced the 4 interior lights with good results. At least initially. I'll have to see how they hold up in time. The bulb I used for the middle could fit in the front map lights and would be brighter. But for now I think I'll keep them as is. As for color of the light, I've never been a good judge. They aren't as blue as the pictures make it look and aren't too blue for my taste. Plus they seem to match the puddle lights color so I'm happy. None of the lights even get remotely warm to the touch so far.

Next up will be tackling the license plate lights and the door ground lights, which all appear to be 2825 types if my research is correct.

Front Map Lights:



Other bulbs I ordered but didn't try yet:

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