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Cargo LED replacement

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960 Lumen 12000k LED assembly for $6.30:

24-5630 SMD LED White Light Car Indoor Lamp (T10 / SV85 / BA9S 12W 12000K 960-Lumen DC 12V) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme

FIts inside the light fixture just fine, puts out a lot of bright white light. The bulb adapter showed up broken and I had to re-solder it, but the assembly itself is well made. Overall I'm pretty happy with it. I tried to take comparison photos, but cameras mostly do light-leveling so it's hard to really tell. It's brighter, I know that much!


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I have ordered those recently (your link Se7enLC) but, after reading this, why not just totally bypass the bulb adaptor and connect it directly to the incoming wires in the dome cluster? Do you know what gauge the wires are from the LED panel to that bulb adaptor? If they are less that incoming OEM wires, they can be wired (soldered) straight from the LED panel with the same wire gauge....
The only time I have experienced "melting" the bulb sockets was when I was using higher than OEM Wattage bulbs in headlights. I have "cured" that issue with using heavy gauge harness and ceramic bulb sockets. Since then, none of my bulb housings ever melted again.
I would also like to see what acutally "melted" ... as earlier posted by another member of this forum....
I think when I get home today I'll pull the bulb out and inspect it just to make sure I'm not seeing any melting/charring. I wonder if other adapters can be sourced that are made better.
Thanks... I've ordered that 10 LED panel as well, based on your review(s). When it gets here, I may just bypass the bulb socket and wire it directly to the cargo dome light - to the wires that feed that dome light. If there is any heat generated by LEDs it's typically at the base of LEDs/diodes and for that, they should have some kind of heat sinks...there shouldn't be any heat generated down the wires...I would think.
1 - 4 of 35 Posts
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