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Hi Friends,
Im planing to carry a King mattress on a 2017 subaru outback and i dont have a roof basket,just the standard cross bars. Has anyone done this before?
if so, could you please tell me what are the things i need to get, to put the mattress on subaru and secure it. Also could you please upload pics for the materials.


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if new get the mattress company to deliver it, / take away old mattress if needed.

or rent a high roof van.

loading a mattress on the roof of a car,...particularly a king only makes for humorous pictures, ...and if a inner spring mattress permanently bend some of those springs inside.

here is a old thread, with some of those pics,...and a 2001 is not that much smaller then a 2017

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I would think a king size mattress would overload the roof rails. If not by weight if you attain any speed at all I would thing there is a good possibility you could rip the roof rails right off your subbie. Bye-bye mattress!
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