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Hi all from the Fraser Coast of Australia!

I found my way here after searching for information on how to change the fuel filter and I thought I'd get an intro going. I may as well, I made a DIY guide on how to do it and I cannot add pictures and URLs to it until I have a higher post count! I currently own a MY11 Outback 2.0D, my first Outback after two Libertys (Legacy if you live outside of Australia, first was a 1991 EJ22 equipped 2WD and the other was a 2004 3.0R Spec.B).

I won my current Outback sight unseen off auction last year and inherited a DPF issue (likely caused by a great big split in the intercooler hose) so it's had that fixed with an ECU remap but apart from that it's all standard. I have aspirations to check out Fraser Island (I recently moved to Hervey Bay so it's right at my doorstep!) and set the car up accordingly (taller / wider tyres, sump guard, recovery gear).

So far I've driven it around some "4WD only" tracks around the Mary Valley near Gympie, the Subie seems to go OK but I feel the electronic parking brake makes is harder than it should be, unless I'm not using it right.

I'm hoping to learn a lot from this forum as this is the first car I've had that has had any kind of ground clearance


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