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Hi, i was just wondering if you think this exhaust is worth the price. Its a stromung exhaust.
"Cat-back for 2000-up Legacy Single 3.5" Tip Rear Muffler and mandrel bent stainless mid-pipe with resonator.

Full Stainless 2.25" piping."

The price is $639, and i just wanna know, do you guys think its worth it? I'm looking for performance, and it seems like a good exhaust system.

The website is , then you have to go into " Performance for Impreza RS/TS, Legacy, Forester and Baja," And then to exhausts, if you wanna see it.

Well thanks for the info,

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I have Stromung SS cat back, and I bought it from the same website. Dale Teague is the owner of Boxer4Racing. He is very nice and smart. You can call him and talk to him if you have any further questions.
As for the exhaust, it's one of the best pieces out there for Subaru. I do, however have the twin tip muffler section. Brian
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