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2006 Outback SE 2.5i
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Hi folks!
2006 Outback 2.5i is misfiring on Cylinder 1. It started really rough one day, and was losing power on acceleration, so after consulting Google U we tried cleaning the mass air, and replaced the mouse cozy that was our air filter. Drove the car a few miles and that seemed to clear things up. A few weeks prior to this we had had to replace the number 1 and 3 spark wires, due to parts of them disappearing, literally. (anyone have a good idea of how to keep mice out of a subaru parked in the country?) Anyway, when we did the wires there was some oil in the #1 plug, but things ran fine afterwords. When it was in for a new gas tank and catalytic converter this spring the shop mentioned the possibility of valves, but said it didn't seem too serious as long as we kept an eye on the oil. Now after sitting again for a couple weeks, we again had the rough start and power loss like the time with the air filter/dirty mass air. (We checked all the wires are there.) But the CEL came on this time and the code is a cyl 1 misfire. 110,000 miles and I don't think we have done the spark plugs yet, but it has been in the shop so often I've lost track. So, is it worth trying to do the spark plugs or ignition coil first (which we could probably do, and was suggested as 2 of the top fixes, with valves being next) or do we surrender and take it back to the shop for the valves? It's a 40 mile drive, so it our last choice. Anyone want to convince me we could do the valves? grin. Thanks for any advice!
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