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2000 JDM Legacy BH5 GTB
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Vehicle is a Subaru 2000 JDM legacy GTB, BH5. (automatic)

My doors wont stay unlocked and i cannot figure out why here's the story..

I installed command start on my legacy, new exactly each wire i was splicing into, that went fine. I know its nothing to do with that. After, i decided to wire in my keyless entry with the new module. I found the one white wire that signals the actuator to lock or unlock. I wired in my 250ma negative output to the white wire and the doors would unlock with the push of my new key fob. That went fine. Then I put a 12v source on that same wire, and it locked the doors. Seemed all is fine and working properly. Then, unlocking the door with my fob, all 4 doors including the hatch had unlocked momentarily, then locked. And now does this every single time I press the unlock button on my fob, including my factory key fob. I tried unlocking drivers door manually, which usually would unlock the rest of the doors as well, but did not. I have tested the lock function, after unlocking all doors, and it works fine. All the fuses and circuit breakers are still okay, but when i did the continuity test across the clock room fuse in the engine bay, it read 4ohms across the fuse points, telling me theirs resistance in the circuit somewhere. I know it wasn't this fuse as well because it tested .02ohms across when pulled.
I was thinking maybe my keyless entry module is malfunctioning on me, but wanted to be sure before buying and replacing. Or maybe a door actuator, or a short? Cant figure it out. Maybe someone else has had this problem?

I hooked up my own ground wire, and connected it to the white signal wire, and all 4 doors would stay unlocked, but as soon as i disconnected it, the doors would lock again. I know the doors work in reverse polarity, but just don't know whats causing the doors to lock themselves after unlocking them. Any help or advice would sure be appreciated!
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