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Change out Gen2 cluster for JDM/UKDM.

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So, I just bought an instrument cluster from a Legacy BH5 GTB from the UK, the one with the luminescent dials and halos. I am not 100% sure, but I believe it is a UKDM and therefore in miles, but there is the possibility that it is a JDM import to the UK and in KM. I will know once I have it, as the photos are just a little too dark (tinted clear plastic) to read if it says MPH or km/h.

Either way, its going into the car, I can do the km/h conversion in my head just fine, and its a good reason to keep the wife from driving it ;)

Now, onto my question. I know there are a few people on here who have installed the JDM cluster into their USDM cars. In searching around, I have read several posts saying that the cluster will need to be re-wired, but I have not found the details in what will need to be done.

I have the wiring diagram for my car indicating what wire is what, however I cannot seem to find an equivalent document for the UKDM or JDM car.

So, long story short.. What exactly will I need to do to get this cluster into my car? I am perfectly willing to either create an adapter or modify the existing wiring to suit, I just need to know the details.