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excellent doc'n job

Great job of documenting the process! I've been wanting to do this myself, but my first attempt was stymied by being unwilling to push hard enough (apparently) on the sides of the glove box to get the square pegs to come loose. I was sure I would break something if I pushed any harder.

Did your kit come with both filter pieces? Did you have to buy Subaru parts, or were you able to find after-market filters?

Did you put any lube on the weatherstripping around the resister panel, etc.? How about on the filters themselves? Silicone? To help the seals or lubricate for re-assembly/future disassembly?

How did you determine that they needed to be changed? Reduced air flow? Time alone?

I had mine ultimately changed by the dealer at the 30K mile servicing. Afterward, I noticed an odd smell coming from the air vents. Did you notice anything of the sort from the filters?


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Yeah, it seemed like I was pressing almost hard enough to break the thing when trying to release those pegs.

I bought the factory kit which included both pieces. I didn't look elsewhere, assuming that something so specialized would not be available aftermarket.

There wasn't any lube or sealant on anything I took apart, so I reassembled without adding any. The filters fit in place pretty snugly- you can jiggle them but they won't/can't fall out of place.

I've had the car for 1 year/7k miles, which exceeds the recommended service interval. I was pretty sure they were never changed during the first 7k of demo service at the dealership, so I just figured it was time. According to the owners manual, if the windshield is slow to defog it indicates the filters are clogging- which makes sense, since they sit between flowing air & the AC evaporator.

The filter material was fibrous, but not oily or anything. I've noticed just a faint, not unpleasant "new" smell.
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