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I've been putting air in the right front tire of Linda's Oldsmobile minivan for days. Yesterday morning, it was completely flat. Time to see what it takes to change a tire on that thing....

Of course, the spare is a doughnut. Is it inside the van? Nope, it hangs underneath. (According to the directions, though, the 4WD Montana version of the van has a full-size spare, which takes up almost all of the cargo area when the third seat is up.)

OK, kneeling in the snow, how to get the spare out... Get this, you have to use one end of the jack handle, to stick through a hole in the rear bumper, to engage a little hoist that slowly lowers the spare down. (The socket did not quite line up with the hole in the bumper.)

Then, you have to crank it back up so it doesn't drag on the ground.

Time to take off the lug nuts. Hey, there's no torque on any of these ... wait, they're fakes. Have to pop them off to see the real lug nuts. Lord knows why they are there...

After that, it was pretty straightforward, just cranking up a scissors jack, although there was no clear indication of where the jack goes.

I'm sure glad I didn't have to do this on the roadside, in the dark!
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