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Check Engine Light PO420 & Dangling Wire Under Car

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I drive an '04 Subaru Outback wagon with 166k+ miles on it. My check engine light came on recently (error code p0420), and I saw frayed wires hanging down from the underside of my car. The car is driving and sounding completely normal, other than the CEL and the hanging wire. Could this be a broken O2 sensor causing the CEL? Here's a link to a picture of what I'm seeing

Thanks, in advance, for your help!
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If I'm not mistaken the P0420 code is for the catalytic converter, BUT I've ready a lot of posts on this forum about how a bad O2 sensor can throw that code. Search here for "P0420" and "Oxygen Sensor" and you'll find lots of advice. I agree with canubaru, that does not look like a wire and if it is, does not look like an O2 sensor wire. It may even be a wire you picked up from the road. I can't think of anything that would strip the insulation off a wire that badly without causing some other damage under the car.
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