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Checking the health on a 3.0 H6

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I am seriously thinking of moving to the 3.0 Outback for its fuel economy. :eek: Have to say my current vehicle is a 4.0 Discovery2 V8 so anything would be cheaper :p

I know my way around an engine bay, I know how to DIY a couple of basic to moderate service items.

What are the specific things to look out for on these motors? Ignore the normal knocking the body to check for putty, frequent service intervals etc.
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And don't forget it's got a timing chain instead of a belt. That was one of the few main reasons I chose the H6 instead of the 4-cyl. I've never had a belt break on any of my cars but it's just a pet peeve of mine to have to change them out.

I just wish my '05 has about 40 more of torque. 250 HP/250 TQ would make it near perfect.
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