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Child lock no working

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(Just noticed I miss spelled the title.....not sure how to edit this or if it is even possible.)

Just like the title says, the child lock on the drive side rear door isn't working anymore. I am not sure what my son did but I can't turn it off. It is stuck on lock and not sure if something broke or what. I own a 2010 outback 2.5. Anyone have any issues or experience with these? Am I going to have to remove the door panel to fix this?

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Yes, the inner door panel will have to come off to fix/replace the child proof (guess it wasn't child proof) lock.

Chances are the lever has had a clip come off that holds on a rod to the lock actuator, and the rod has come out of its position.

Either that, or an internal part has broken on the lock assembly, and is none repairable. You may need an entire new lock assembly for that rear door. After pricing from Subaru, you may find a used one from a wrecking yard is much less expensive. Good Luck!
The mechanism might be stuck 2010 I would just wait for a good reason to swing by the dealer and have them look at it. If it were an older car I would shoot some silicone spray on the mechanism and make sure to operate the outside handle and check the locking mechanism then try to get the switch flipped over for normal use. Chances are its just stuck or the right combo of outside / inside door handle and lock movement hasn't enabled the switch to move. Be sure to read your owners manual! Might be a funny little thing like while moving the switch you must pull on the outside door handle etc
Thanks for the help. I'm heading up to Subaru tomorrow to get a recall done and am going to see if this is covered under the warranty. I'll keep you all updated. Thanks.

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