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Cincinnati to ??? Would love suggestions!

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Hi all,

My GF and I want to pack the Outback up and head off on an adventure, I'm writing you to help us out! We'd like to stay off all the highways and hit as many scenic byways as possible. Also I'd like to take the Subie off the beaten track and maybe find a dirt road or two? We'll be headed out of either Columbus or Cincinnati, Ohio and have no destination in mind. I just wanted to gather opinions on some great roads, and places to see. We're avid hikers, photographers, kayakers and want to include these hobbies in our trip.

Let me know if there are any dirt roads or the like that I should check out! I really want to use the AWD system of the outback and get it dirty!! I used to own a Tacoma so I have experience off the beaten track.

Also list any scenic roads, vistas, towns, landmarks, etc. you think are worth cruising too. I've driven the Blue Ridge highway, but are there any others comparable?? The suggestions and opinions of the Sube community will help determine our direction!

Thank you!

Edit: if this is in the wrong category please move it, I apologize!
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Route 66 and old highway 40 are on my bucket list.
Dalton Highway in AK is another one on that list.
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