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First thought is the rear wheel bearing assembly as it will click when it starts to go bad. Especially when weight is transferred in a turn. Its a bolt on assembly unlike the front that is pressed in, so replacement is easy if its bad. You'll need to jack up the rear wheel and try to shake it from the top and bottom (grab the top with one hand, the bottom with the other and try to move the wheel in a pitch) to check for looseness. If it doesn't move, put one hand on the spring and spin the wheel with the other and feel for a vibration.

Next would be anything brake related to the rear wheels such as loose pad, worn pad, rotor. But the noise only being prevalent in a turn suggest a bearing. Or, loose lug nuts.

Yes, there are axles in the rear. They don't pivot like the front in a turn but allow for independent movement up/down while the axle spins. When they go bad, rare, extremely rare, it will cause vibration on acceleration and cruising and quit off throttle.
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