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Sometime during the summer, I started noticing a very light clicking sound from the frond end that only occurred during slow turns. It got progressively more noticeable over the next few months, turning into a rattling sound on sharp slow turns. I took a look underneath, and saw the driver side outer CV boot was torn. Figured an axle replacement is what I needed. I contacted the nearest Subaru dealer (2 1/2 hours away), and they said they would do the work with just an aftermarket axle. I decided to just get the axle replacement done at a local mechanic.

I finally got the work done last week at the local mechanic. The noise seemed to be gone.. for a few days. Now it's started coming back, nearly as bad as before. It still sounds like it's on the driver's side. I took a peek underneath, and wouldn't you know, the passenger side outer CV boot is nearly gone as well.

Any idea what could be going on here?

- Cheap replacement axle making noise
- Passenger side axle needs replaced
- ?

The new axle doesn't seem to be causing any other vibrations or issues, whether stopped or at speed. It's just that the clicking/rattling seems to be coming back.

This is a 1997 OBW with 232k, so I don't want to pour a ton into it. Not mechanically inclined. Thanks for any help?

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complaints about typical aftermarket rebuilt axles are very common.

You have other choices. For about $10-$15 more, you can get a new EMPI axle from rockauto or amazon . many people have good luck with those.(including me - so far)

Exchanging your Subaru axles (are these original axles?) with MWE in Colorado is a good way to go

some folks do biz with , seem to have a good reputation.

Find out if the newly installed axle has a warranty.

consider replacing the other side with an EMPI.

you may some time if you need to wait and save up for the next repair. Axles will often go weeks/months while clicking before the actually fail.

others may have additional ideas for you.
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