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I finally got a OBXT 5MT after a long wait. It's a 2005 with a lot of miles and not a great service history. I already knew I was going to buy one, so I have slowly been collecting super cheap parts from clearance sales and craigslist. I will be doing a laundry list of upgrades now that I have the car to install the parts onto. To the engine, this includes:
Grimmspeed PnP headers,
Up pipe,
Down pipe,
boost controller,
Torque Solutions TMIC,
BNR16G turbo,
DW740cc injectors,
Infamous1 tune
Megan racing mounts

I haven't picked one up, but I think it's a a good idea to install a TSK3 kit. Should I upgrade the clutch at this point?
If so, which would be most recommended for this level of modifications? I found it a bit difficult to find reliable information on clutch compatibility and power handling.
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