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I used to love cnet before they were bought by CBS. That move really "corporatized" them more than I'd like (for example, the recent Dish Network issue). Back in the day their shows and podcasts were awesome, and they had Veronica Belmont (mmmmm...). It's been downhill for a while now since you can get better product reviews elsewhere and their original content is just not engaging anymore, but maybe it's me.

As for their car reviews - two thumbs down! Since they have a technological point of view I don't fully understand why they bother to review the rest of the car. There's much better places for that sort information too!

I remember one particular review where they tested a car with the available GPS navigation stereo. It was positive overall. For some reason the same guy reviewed the same car with the same options a year or two later and bashed it. Sure, technology evolves but they didn't even mention the previous review. Elsewhere, I've seen similar types of behavior when one reviewer gives almost polar opposite opinions of the same product when reviewed at two different times. It just goes to show how fickle in nature reviews and opinions can be.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts