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Hey everyone, first post here.

I have a 2.5L SOHC M4 non turbo 2005 outback. Due to some stupid mistake on my part I had to get the engine swapped. I swapped it out with one of those used Japanese engines with <70k miles. During this work, I also had a bunch of other things replaced, all sorts of gaskets, clutch, water pump, timing belt, etc. In particular I had the front oxygen sensor replaced with a denso 234-9122 (recommended by a nearby shop).

Ive been driving for about a week and my CEL popped on with code P0174 (system too lean bank 2). This code popped immediately after I had some battery failure, cleared up after I replaced my battery, and then popped again. A preliminary check showed no leaks on the hoses in the engine bay, but I haven't fully inspected the exhaust system yet.

I wonder if the code could be caused by a bad O2 installation, or the fact that I didn't replace the rear sensor at the same time. Is this possible?

The factory service manual suggests checking for leaks, monitoring fuel pressure, and then doing some diagnostics on sensing units. I plan to go through that procedure otherwise.

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what engine did they put in there?

typically JDMs are not the EJ253 that you had, but a newer 2010-12 one that maybe not a great easy drop in to a 2005 car.

or even worse some kind of pokey EJ20,

either way getting such things to plumb up, plug in, and tune create such problems.

what do you got on paper as to what they used JDM, and what they used from your old engine?
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