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Code P2004, P2005 -> Top engine clean -> So far so good

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My 2017 2.5i Limited with eyesight started throwing P2004 or P2005 about every 6 months or so (6-8,000 miles) a couple years back. Cleared the code, all good for a while.

Background: I drive fairly eco when accelerating - often keeping the rpms just below where the programmed gear shifting happens, about 2000 rpm. Interestingly, historically, the codes occurred at about the same location during a 3+ hour trip after an hour of steady cruise at 63 or so on flat ground along a rural two lane highway. They didn't occur at other times with around-town or higher speed driving. Then, more recently, they popped up more often, to at least once per tank of gas.

I chose to try a "top engine clean", getting the kit (soa868v9341) and tool (SOA868V9430) from ertle subaru. Despite the pic, the kit top engine cleaner came in a metal can. The tool is for the plastic bottle version. I simply taped the can on the tool.

Applied the throttle cleaner to the throttle plate area and scrubbed it with a toothbrush. Applied the top engine cleaner with the tool to the vacuum port on the top just past the throttle plate in 3 runs: Open the valve about 1/4, let it suck in for about a minute, valve off, rev the engine to 1500 or so till it ran smooth, repeat. Dumped the fuel treatment in 1/2 tank of gas and filled the rest of the way. Ran it out.

No recurrence of the P2004/5 in ~800 miles and two trips on the long flat rural route.