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Considering buying an Outback to add to the family.

Currently have a Volvo XC90. Will be outing a BMW 3 series sedan as my wife does not drive manual.

Considering the Outback as we have a baby and may have more so like the space and safety aspect.

I have Subaru experience - early years of driving were often with my parents 96' Outback 2.2l, and later 00' Outback 2.5l. I also owned a 03' Forester 2.5l XS and did headgaskets on that car as well as a full rack and pinion. Did not keep the Forester as I used to live in the mountains and it was not good at keeping speed up hills. Plus the mpg was terrible.

Also have some road trip experience in a family members 12' Outback 2.5l and thought that was a joy to drive and the mpg was much better than any other Subaru I've experienced. The engine in that one ended up getting replaced due to oil consumption issues and he traded it in.

I'm starting to do some research on the different models, market pricing and various issues that have plagued certain years but thought I would post to ask as well. What are some better years to consider? Do I really need to spend a good bit to get something just a few years old or would an older one like an 05' be pretty good?

Anyone have any experience as to how an Outback would compare to something like an XC70?

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