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2015 Outback 3.6R
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We'd like to add rear seat USB ports to our '15 Outback. I've read through the threads from people who've added an inexpensive aftermarket USB port back there and am considering that route. However I prefer the factory look of the '18 Outback with USB ports back there, as well as the fact that those ports are positioned higher and are recessed so I'd be less worried about our kids doing damage to them compared to the aftermarket option that'd have to be mounted lower towards the bottom of the rear of the console (to clear the wiring connectors).

I searched and didn't find anything on point. Has anyone tried to swap the whole rear piece of the console from an '18 onto the console in their '15-'17? Assuming I'm reading it correctly, it looks like the part numbers for the sides of the console are the same between the '15 and the '18, whereas the part number for the rear is obviously different. So am I correct to assume that means the rear console pieces would be interchangeable as far as the size/mounting points? And if so, any idea on where I'd find the part numbers for the '18 USB ports/wiring harness since it doesn't look like that's included in the diagrams I found?


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