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My wife and I just drove our new 2013 to WA and back to California and it performed great .. just have in for it 3000 mile check up and all is great .. I not sure why they say it is slow as we had to do some hard driving as we went north and ran into some bad traffic with roads being worked on and made some detours that were not on some maps .. My wife loves the Outback and has said today a Third Subaru isn't out of the question as she really love how this one is performing. My 2009 Forester is doing the same we got both after my 1990 Legacy wagon died young at one 246.409 mile on it.. (the owners before me were College students not ones that did the right care) My wife love how the Outback wagon handle on the road and we had to take a road with some 20 mph curves at down hill slant other cars we having issues with. We wanted the 4 cylinder due to it was better on gas and i not seen any lack of power and we are getting some great MPG in the city and over the on trip we took.. More trips coming to NV and AZ soon ..
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