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I purchased a set of the new Conti all-terrain tire, their first, from Discount Tire in early September.

The tires are advertised for road, esp wet roads, sand, and dirt. They are not advertised for rock or mud.

I got a set in the stock 225 60 17 size to serve as DD and light duty off-pavement (forest roads), keeping my KO2 only for trips involving 4x4 trails. They only weigh 27 lb per tire, which is just 3 lb more than stock. Compare to 31 for Geolander ATS, 32 for Cooper AT3, and 39.5 for KO2.

I now have over 2,600 miles on them, including 95 on dirt roads and one mildly rocky, desert hill.

First thing first: tire pressures must be as per Subaru, 32/30 or close to that (33/31 is just as good). Tire shops and dealers here put the tires at 35-36, which makes for a harsh ride at higher speeds. I am surprised that 4-5 psi make such a difference for this tire (it did not for the ATS) but so it is.

So...assuming correct psi:

--acceleration is very good; as for braking, with my upgraded pads I feel I need a five point harness now....
--cornering is very good, too.
--road noise is non-existent and at proper pressures the tires are very, very comfy.
--wet road performance. Wet what? This is rain since...But these tires are engineered specifically to do well in rain.


--on dirt roads, the tires do great. Handling is excellent, cornering is equally good. Since they are run at 32/30 or so on road, there is no need to air down for a smooth ride. The tires are plenty smooth enough.
--on a mildly rocky hill, with one 7-8" step, a hill I had driven a few times stock back in the day, the Conti AT did well, going up twice and down once. This does not mean much, of course, it only means that the tire is not happy to spin for no reason like some street tires will. So, this is good.

other: I did actually plan on taking these tires on my trip to the San Rafael Swell in Oct. However, a box cutter damaged the sidewall of one of them, 36hr prior to departure so I put my KO2s while waiting for Discount Tire to ship a replacement. While the replacement did arrive in time, I stuck with the KO2 and was happy to have done so. I was able to drive a trail that I would have otherwise avoided since the Conti AT just do not inspire confidence for desert 4x4 trails. I am sure the Contis would have handled the other trails I drove there, but the KO2s were the right tire for that one rocky trail (and a few spots on the other trails).

other 2:
did not know Discount Tire would replace a tire for free within 90 days of purchase even without certificates. This is great, of course. The certificates still do not make sense to me on an AWD car.

verdict: made for wet roads, sand, and dirt, this tire is a perfect match for a Subaru. It should have been the stock tire (alas, tires is one of the things SoA simply cannot do right).
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