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Cool inexpensive Bluetooth Audio option...

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XtremeMac InCharge Bluetooth Audio Receiver and 10W Charger (Choice of Home or Auto) $15 + Free Shipping - Daily Deals, Coupons and Promos

Found this online today, unfortunately you only have another hour or so to order one, but it's a good option for those of us who didn't get a USB connection pack for our Outbacks.
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I ordered mine yesterday. Hopefully this will be a great solution to the stupid cable I have to plug in all the time.

Next project is finding a decent mount for the phone. I'm thinking of a permanent solution that mounts directly to the flip-up cover below the CD player.
Sold out of the Auto version, but I've been looking for a cheap option for plugging into my home stereo anyway, so I bought the Home version.
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