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2006 H6 3.0R LL Bean wagon and 2000 H4 OBW
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I have searched but can not find any good information on where the cowl drain is supposed to drain from on these first generation Legacy Outbacks.

I have a 1997 OBW I recently adopted and have been going through it fixing any issues I find. One issue I discovered was the floor board was getting wet. Not much on the passenger side but a lot on the drivers. No sunroof. No use of the A/C recently. Gets wet after rain. We have had a lot of rain and it soaked the drivers side.

It was sunny and warm today (60's) so I took the wipers off and removed the front plastic cowl cover. The drains were both covered with a mixed muck of whatever tree debris and dirt fell down in there. Probably what has been causing my wet floor boards.

I removed the dirt and hosed out the cowl and drain. I ran water down through the cowl drain and both sides drained fine. The drivers side did drain a bit dirty at first but cleared up.

My question; Is there a drain hose on these first gens or is the drain built into the cowl? I don't see any hose and it all seems to be sealed up on both sides. Even if you remove the plastic splash shield in the wheel well I see no hoses. The water drained out on both sides in the same place. Around the front mud flaps. Out of the seam behind the mud flaps and also if I opened the door I could see it draining behind the door hinge.

Is this where they designed to drain from? I didn't see any drain holes or hoses. I was running a lot of water through them to clean them out.

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