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Crash = need crossbar solution for 2011 Outback

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So, after never having a roof bike rack for many years, we put one on. We forgot the first time going into the garage.


Yakima Front Loader = Destroyed
Rear Factory Crossbar = Bent
Car = 1/2" Dent, rear right roof
Bike = A-OK

I ordered a new front loader. I called the nearest dealer who said they don't sell the crossbar, I had to purchase the entire side rail + crossbar as a unit for a stupid amount of money. I was hoping for a cheap fix. We don't mind the factory bars that much, but since we'll mount anything from a huge ski box to 4 Kayaks to 2 DH bikes, it wouldn't hurt to have a stronger rail. For a huge price tag, a Yakima rail system is hardly more expensive.

However, the garage is LOW so that our current ski box just barely fits with <1" to spare. This rules out simply buying rail grabbers as a solution.

So, is there a cheap way to just get the rotating crossbar?

Or is there a way to pull both rail/crossbar assemblies and direct mount Whispbars? (Preferably a way that doesn't involve clamps the extend into that door frame?)
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try contacting an online subaru parts website, they tend to be more willing to find parts. is a good site. is a vendor on here, might be able to PM and see what they can do.

I've also had luck with

GL... I can't imagine any reason you can't just get a new cross bar.

Also, there have been a few people swap out their cross bars. Maybe search the threads here for conversions and PM someone who might have the bars sitting around.
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