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Crazy Headlights

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1200$ total. Ouch! But cool nonetheless
They look awesome, but they are from China...
Just a bit gaudy for me. Horseshoes belong on horses;)
Just something to remove when you sell your Outback.
Very cool!

Saw an Audi Saturday with LED primary lighting. Weirdest thing to see in your rear view mirror. But the light they put out was amazing!
Looks like 2013 only fit for us in the US...I could be wrong though...:D
Oh man guys, they're "play and plug!!" :D

I really like how they did the turn signal LEDs running across the bottom of the headlamp. The rest is personally take it or leave it for me, but I respect the work that went into them.
agreeded. might be a mod i will want to do if i EVER get to be able to get a '13+ outback.
Old post, but contact the manufacturer directly. You can get these headlights for $700 shipped if you're in to the 100 LEDs on your headlights thing.
They look awesome, but they are from China...
...from Guangdong province...China. I think the world is now made in
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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