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08 Subaru Outback 5-speed MT 125k miles
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08 Outback, 130k miles.

I am hearing a creaking sound when the weight of the car shifts during acceleration or breaking. It sounds like a wooden floor creaking.

See the video here (and ignore my keys jangling). The sound is very clear.

-Appears to happen when the weight of the car shifts front-to-back or back-to-front. Especially apparent when starting on an uphill.
-Turning does not affect the noise, and I do not hear it when going over speed bumps.
-The noise is MUCH louder when the car (the car, not the engine) is cold. If I park all day in the sun, the noise is dramatically reduced.
-The noise sounds as if it is coming from the passenger-side dash board. Hard to hear it from the outside of the car (over the engine noise).

Any help? My mechanics want to charge me for a diagnosis. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

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@traildogck might suggest what is the easiest things to make such noise on 2005-2009 cars.

I could not hear it in the video.... (when it asked me to sign up, I clicked "no thanks" at the bottom and then it played).
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