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Crickets in my transmission...

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First post, yea Subi :D bought a 2001 5spd MT outback from a friend for 3400.00, it needed a bit of work just to get it on the road. Have recently discovered that the chirping noise that i thought was my serpentine belts (replaced) was actually coming from my transmission. With the slightest amount pressure on the clutch pedal the chirping sound will stop. The clutch was done about 30k ago, so it seams early for a bearing failure. My first though was throwout bearing but, that should be disengaged until the clutch is depressed. Second thought was pilot bearing? not sure what to make of it. The clutch feels solid, engages smoothly and does not slip. Any reason i should replace clutch just to deal with an annoying chirping sound. :confused:

-thanks in advance for any advice/help...
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