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Hi all, Mrs. Mc510 and I are planning to purchase a 2013 Outback for the family, in the SF Bay Area. We'll pay cash, and will not trade in. The base model has (almost*) everything that we want, so the only option that I'll spec is automatic transmission. We'll skip the prepaid maintenance, and I'll decide later whether to purchase an extended warranty (and not necessarily from the same dealer who sells me the car). I've got contact emails for about 15 dealers from Sacramento through Santa Cruz. We're not in a big hurry, so I'm thinking to wait until the week before Christmas, and email then. Then a little back and forth to see if my local dealer can meet the best price.

Some things I'm wondering, for anyone who wants to advise me:
  • How do I ensure that every dealer is giving me a comparable price (i.e., including all relevant fees, etc) and that they won't try to tack on extra mandatory fees once I show up with checkbook in hand?
  • Even among these 15 dealers, I imagine that there might not be all that much inventory of *exactly* the vehicle that I want, especially since it's going to be so no-frills. Is that a problem for getting a good price?
  • If I'm not getting any good prices, I might choose to not purchase at all right now. Is invoice plus or minus a few percentage points considered a good price?
  • I lied*; there's actually one option that I do kind of want, which is power memory seats, but the only way to get that is to jump to the Limited. The MSRP difference is about $5,000; is it safe to assume that this is also roughly the additional amount that I'd have to pay after negotiating with dealers? 'Cause the power seats just aren't worth THAT much to me. Can I ask all 15 dealers to quote both a base model and a Limited?
  • I thought I saw a very long thread here about email negotiation/purchasing, but I can't locate it. Is it here, or did I see it on a different site?
Thanks to anyone who feels like commenting on advising me. I'm looking forward to joining the Outback family!
I suggest you go and buy your OB through Costco Car Buying program. Details available at any Costco outlet. It's a no hassle deal that I used, when I purchased mine.
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