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2013 Outback 2.5i CVT Limited, Nav+EyeSight
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Even among these 15 dealers, I imagine that there might not be all that much inventory of *exactly* the vehicle that I want, especially since it's going to be so no-frills. Is that a problem for getting a good price?

Shouldn't be a problem. The dealerships I visited were cutting deals and undercutting each other without even having the car I wanted. One of them was going to cut me a better deal on a special order than the one they found for me, due to the installed options. I didn't want to wait X weeks for a special order, though.

I lied*; there's actually one option that I do kind of want, which is power memory seats, but the only way to get that is to jump to the Limited. The MSRP difference is about $5,000; is it safe to assume that this is also roughly the additional amount that I'd have to pay after negotiating with dealers? 'Cause the power seats just aren't worth THAT much to me. Can I ask all 15 dealers to quote both a base model and a Limited?
Not just the Limited - if you want MEMORY seats, you have to get the Special Appearance Package - which is very specific and will limit your availability by a lot (as well as limit the other options you can get and even the paint color!)

If you just want power seats, though, all the trim models have it (Premium and Limited are 8-way, base model is 6-way)

And sure, you can ask for quotes on all the options you want. Basically, though, you can just take whatever the first quote they give you and figure out how much below MSRP that is, and that amount will be true for all the quotes. Unless you are able to haggle on a specific car, previous model year, etc.

I thought I saw a very long thread here about email negotiation/purchasing, but I can't locate it. Is it here, or did I see it on a different site?Thanks to anyone who feels like commenting on advising me. I'm looking forward to joining the Outback family!
I think it's called "How much did you pay for your..." or something like that. What I got out of it was "~2500 under MSRP is not unreasonable"
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