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Cross Bars

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Can someone please tell me the difference between the front and rear cross bars for the 06 Outback? (E361SAG010 and E361SAG020) I believe the E361SAG020 should be shorter.

I'm asking because I bought a used 06 Outback about 1.5 years ago and it came without the cross bars. So, I bought them from a couple of different Subaru Dealers mail order to get the best price. I hadn't tried to use them before today and now it seems that I wound up with two front crossbars even though the boxes are labeled correctly. Thanks.
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The Gen 3 roof rails taper inward toward the back - enough so that the rail spacing decreases about 3" from front to back, all told.

Thus, the wider crossbar goes in the front. Sorry, I don't know which part number is which, though.

I believe the side clamps allow the horizontal tubes to slide in or out a bit, which is how they can be repositioned when there is this taper in the side rails. Tightening the clamps tightens the tube as well. But I've had my crossbars fixed in place for so long to accommodate my Thule that I honestly don't fully remember how this part of it works.
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