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Cruise control on my 2001 H6 is not working

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Hello, the cruise control on my 2001 H6 with automatic transmission stopped working.

-The light in the switch still comes on

-I do not hear a cklicking sound under the dash when I push it (But I am not sure if I heard it befor when it still worked)

-The fuse is okay

I read somewhere, that something on the clutch and break pedals might break. Is this the same for the ATs?

Anything else on the seems like ABS or VDE seams to work...

Has anyone else experienced that problem on a H6? Or knows where I should start to look?
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Thanks guys!

Here is what I will do on the weekend:

Check the brake pedal thing and check the clockspring because it was making noises before... I am hoping it is one of the two things.
There is still snow here so I didn't want to work on the car. But I figured out, that the horn is also not working anymore so I am almost 100% sure that the clockspring is defective.

I replaced the clockspring and everything works perfectly. Thanks for all the help.

Here is what I did:
1. disconnected the battery
2. removed the airbag which is held in place by two torx screws on the left and right side of the steering wheel (disconnected the yellow/green plug for that)
(stored the airbag somewhere safe and layed it down with the metal side facing down so the unit couldn't jump off the ground if the airbag would go off)
3. removed the lower cover of the steering column which is connected to the upper half by one screw
4. removed the lower half of the dashboard that covers the fuse box (Two plastic screws by the A pillar and one in the lower right end corner)
5. disconnected the two plugs by the steering column that looks exactly like the two plugs in the steering wheel.
6. disconnected the black plug in the steering wheel
7. took off the steering wheel by unscrewing the female screw that connects the steering column and steering wheel (it is helpfull to have someboy help you with this step)
8. unscrewed the six srews that hold the clockspring and replaced it. (read the the directions on the clockspring!!! to make sure it is turned in the right spot)

9. put everything back

10. turned the key to the ignition and then connect the battery.
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