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I have a 2000 subaru outback, with 165,000 miles. I have recently replaced the alternator, battery, brakes, sway bars and sway links. But i have just now started hearing a crunching/grinding noise when reversing (sounds like I'm driving over a bunch of soda cans) and only when turning the wheel to the right while accelerating.
Does anyone know what could be causing this? And how much it is to fix?
I'm thinking it's probably out of my skill set to fix now, but not sure I can afford another major repair as a single mom. Any info on this helps, thanks.

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brake dust shields can do that, angles change when you turn the wheel and the suspension articulates things a little.

makes for a rather odd noise like banging on a empty can.

just needs to be bent away from the brake rotor by hand. (pretty hard to see that and identify which one (s) with the wheels on though).

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if someone carefully paced the car outside while you did the noise-making maneuver - could they at least determine which side exhibits the loudest noise?

could be as easy as bending the dust shield a little as mentioned, to a new wheel bearing or axle, or ??????

I don't think anyone can guess how much this could cost without determining the source of the noise.

If you think you need a different mechanic, post a request for a recommendation in a new thread - be sure to mention the city you're in.
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