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cup holder adjustable size?

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I like how deep the cup holder is but they just way to big, a monster can or a thin hot starbucks cup or any thin cup will not be firmly secured because the cup holder slot just too big with no plastic pieces that will hold the drink in place like other cars have. What solution do you have?
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Keep an empty travel mug(s) in the vehicle for transfer of the hot drinks and use the cozies when they will work. I think that some travel mugs are much safer to use than paper cups for the hot beverages.
i honestly don't buy the hot drinks that much, main reason is i spilled my thin tall monster 24oz can the other day because i turn with high speed
Can coozies are everywhere. I keep one in the car but seldom use it. Floppy doesn't bother me. But I do keep the lid closed on hot coffee.
i spilled my monster can the other day because i turned with high speed, which i shouldn't have, it was an accident
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1 - 3 of 19 Posts