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cup holder adjustable size?

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I like how deep the cup holder is but they just way to big, a monster can or a thin hot starbucks cup or any thin cup will not be firmly secured because the cup holder slot just too big with no plastic pieces that will hold the drink in place like other cars have. What solution do you have?
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I 3D printed an insert to make it tighter. Not an option for everyone, but it worked for me.
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So, The one I printed I added to it. The original file was shorter. I added about 30mm to the top so it would hold the tray my wife got me.
This is in my 23 Onyx, but I also made one for her 22 Limited. It should fit 20-23
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I am curious,
What model of 3D printer did you use to make this?
Is it a steep learning curve?
Well, I use a Creality CR-10. I've had it about 2 weeks. I also have an Elegoo Saturn S that use had for a year. The new one is FDM, other one is SLA.
FDM uses filament that is melted, the SLA uses resin harder by UV.
In my spare time I taught myself to use Fusion 360, so I design stuff and sell it online through a friend in Texas.
My full time job is a Field Service Technician setting up Ultra High Pressure water jet cutting systems. So, I have a bit of background in CNC machines.
For me, it is a fun hobby. If you like to tinker, are good with troubleshooting and can get around a computer, it is easy and fun.
You can get files pre done on the web if you don't want to learn to make your own
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