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2015 Outback Limited 2.5 with E/S, Lapis Blue
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I just bought a used 8-foot pop up camper, will go pick it up tomorrow. From what I understand, for the short ride back home I should be fine with the 4-pin flat connector I installed in my 2015 OB last year (though haven't tried out yet, hopefully it works) to activate the lights, once I get an adapter.

The pop up has electric brakes, and I am planning on using them. I am looking into the various brake controller options. I was very lost initially with all the jargon and wiring diagrams, but finally I think I got the gist of it. Now the killer question... which controller?

Because my parents are also planning to use the pop up from time to time, I am strongly considering getting a wireless controller: sounds like it's much easier to move from one TV to another TV. In addition, it seems to be easier to install and since I will be rarely towing, I'd rather not have to install a device I could knock around with my knees.

Sounds to me there really are two options: the Prodigy RF and the Curt Echo. I like the Curt Echo because it does require to be permanently installed on the pop up. However it is more recent, and has less reviews. Anyone on this board has experience with it for their OB? Would you recommend?
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