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'05 2.5i H4 4-Speed Auto w/Sportshift
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you happen to find the wheel axle nut loose, make sure you relieve the weight off that wheel BEFORE doing anything with the nut!

The shop manual for the '05 and I am sure for others, tells us that permanant damage to the wheel bearings can occur of one tries to torque the nut with just the weight of the wheel and tire still on, even when they are in the air!

I would loosen the wheel nuts while the car is on the ground, then once they are broken free, raise the wheel off the ground and continue to remove the wheel from the hub assembly. Only with all the car and wheel weight off the axle would I then try to torque-down the nut!

You will most likely need to remove the stake that keeps the nut at one tightness on the axle end, I prefer a Dremel cut off wheel to carefully remove the stake in the nut where it is bent into a keyway in the axle shaft end. You may be able to re-use that nut for a temporary fix if that is the problem, saving you from buying a new nut for nothing.

The torque rating of 151 ft. lbs. comes to mind, while someone is inside the car with their foot heavy on the brakes to prevent the rotor from turning.

If you must do this alone, I rig up something, like a short 2x4 (wood) pressing firmly on the brake pedal at one end and the front of the driver seat at the rear end of the board (especially if the driver seat is electrically controlled).

The other option (I learned on this site) is to insert a large screwdriver into one of the cooling slot fins around the perimeter of the rotor and let it come to rest against the bottom side of the right brake caliper (for passenger side) - or against the top side of the brake caliper (for the driver side).
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