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Cylinder head rear oil seal position

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Good Morning, Just noticed a difference between the left and right rear cam oil seals as I was getting ready to install the ej25 engine back into my 2006 Subaru Outback. The right cylinder head is a reman that I bought all assembled already and that oil seal is set in about a quarter inch (see picture). The left, I assembled myself after checking out the cam shaft and lapping valves, and the edges of the cam seal are mostly flush with the surrounding metal (see picture).

1. Which is correct? I hold out hope that both are correct.
2. Do I need to fix the one that isn't correct or will it work as is?
Thanks for your expertise,

Top picture is Right.
Bottom is Left.
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2006 Outback 2.5i manual
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Honestly both are okay. The passenger side head is definitely deeper than it needs to be, but it still works and oil is still able to flow behind it, believe it or not. You've got plenty of room on the driver's side head. Mine is very similar, maybe bumped in a tiny bit deeper than yours (driver's side).

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It has held up for 10,000 miles so far.

The passenger side, on the other hand, backed itself out on mine after about 6,000 miles, despite using OEM hardware. Very frustrating. Here a picture of how deep I had that one in...

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Was a little bit deeper than the driver's side head, like yours. I think it's mostly because it was easier to push that side in for me, while the driver's side seemed to have more tension when tapping it in.

Anyway, highly recommend sealing it with some RTV while you've got the engine out of the engine bay (it looks like yours already has some smeared on top, which is good in my opinion) on the passenger side, as most people seem to have that one come off randomly whereas the driver's side usually stays put.
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