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1997 Outback 2.5L Manual, new-to-me at 200K first project, and replacement for my lease as of May 2018
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I drove a 2007 Impreza for years, then traded it in for a lease on a Grand Caravan a couple years back. I like the van, hate the payments...

I'm getting out of the lease game, and going to learn a bit more about wrenching on automobiles by putting myself in a position where I have to :wink2:

So, I recently purchased a 97 Outback in great condition, and am looking forward to learning all about it!

I'm a software guy by trade, a reasonably skilled bicycle mechanic, and have done various forms of light fabrication; but, for whatever reason, I've never gotten into the nitty-gritty of cars, motorcycles, etc. Time to change that, and fill in some gaps in my toolset and my skillset... Founder
2018 Outback Limited 2.5L - 111,000+ miles
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If you're a Penguins fan you are welcome here :)

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Be advised of headgasket issues - that's the worst engine subaru ever made, hands down. If it blows you're better off with an EJ22 swap.

Change the trans fluid to keep synchros and bearings happy.

A friend is selling his rusty 1998 OBW in Uniontown PA if you're interested in a parts car and it already has a fantastic EJ22 into for years that I put together for him, it's an automatic.
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