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Dash lights flashing with P0700 code

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I’m out of town visiting family for the weekend and it happened about 20 minutes from my destination. Flashing dash lights and a P0700 code. Cruise, brake, and AT oil temp are flashing with a steady traction control and check engine light. Can I drive home? I’m about 60 miles away.
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Had same thing on 2013 outback with 114K miles after a short drive (2 miles), no lights were on when I parked the car. The same lights you saw came on when I started the car after it sat for about 5 minutes. Drove home and let the care sit for about an hour and all except the check engine light went out. Scan showed a p700 and a p2673. Car was now running a little rough, I reset the check engine light and it now runs fine. Researching the codes indicate what could be serious transmission problems but I have not had it happen again and I have driven about 500 miles since then.
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