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This is Mad Max's wife! I'm having issues with a dead battery on my 01 outback. Here's a little history...

About a week ago I left the inside light on over night, obviously I had a dead battery the next morning. My husband jumped it with his 02 outback and it started fine then. As I drove it around town it started every time since the jump.

Now, a week later, I'm installing new light bulbs on the rear hatch that illuminate the license plate and turned the key on to turn the lights on to check if the new bulbs are working and after NO LONGER than 5 minutes... DEAD Battery! After waiting an hour or so, we tried to start it and it started up. :confused:

Any ideas on if we should just replace the battery and see if that's the only problem, or should we be looking at other things too? We did check the voltage. Running it was 13.8, his car was 13.9.

Thanks much! :)


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When you tried to start it and it didn't, were the dash lights coming on or were they out?

Check the battery cables and make sure they are tight and do not have grease or heavy corrosion.

Check the ground lug by the starter.

It could be loose or corroded cables, it could be the reserve is what started it an hour later. When you had the tailgate up, the interior lights would have been on, so it could also be a weak cell or dead cell in the battery which would mean a new battery.
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